About Rudy

Rudy at 6 weeks old
Rudy with his sister wondering what is outside the gate!
Rudy playing rough and tumble with his mum, Dinah.
Before his first haircut!

Rudy is a blue roan English Cocker Spaniel. He is now 22 months old and full of fun and energy. These photos are of him as a puppy and before his first hair cut. He loves to go to the local park and play with his friends, it is also wonderful exercise for his owner.

Did you know that humans increase their exercise by 28% if they own a dog! Another study showed that owners who suffered a heart attack were more likely to be still alive a year later than non-dog owners and further research found owning a four-legged friend lowers heart disease and blood pressure!

About English Cocker Spaniels
The Cocker Spaniel's major beauty is their soft wavy coat. Combined with the domed head, big brown eyes and soft floppy ears it is a breed of enormous visual appeal. A small dog, they reach about 40cm (16") at the shoulder and weigh about 13kg (29lb) when fully grown.
Rudy with his summer hair cut. You can see his Blue Roan markings very well.
Colours include solid red, black, gold, liver, parti-colours (eg: black and tan), and tricolours (black, tan and white). There are more than 30 different colour combinations as well as roan-coloured dogs. The tails are usually docked but in some countries this is illegal so check your local regulations.

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